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Your Labels, Your Way

2/01/2006 12:15:00 PM
Posted by Mihai Parparita, Software Engineer

Reader has supported labels since the very beginning, but they haven't always been easy to get to. To make them more accessible, we've added a drop-down menu at the top of the page, allowing you to get to any of your labels with just a couple of clicks. Keyboard fans shouldn't worry, we've covered that angle too. Simply hit g then l to bring up the label selector:

Label Selector screenshot

Type in a label name and/or use the arrow keys to select a label. Once you've selected your desired label, hit the return key to load it. Quicksilver fans may recognize and appreciate the interaction style. We've also added a few more g keyboard shortcuts to make getting around easier, refer to the complete list.

Some other changes and bug fixes we've made recently:

  • You can hover over item titles in left side list to view them in a tooltip - useful when longer titles are cropped.
  • The "keep unread" checkbox works once again in Internet Explorer.
  • Don't reset the window scroll position for some keyboard shortcuts (like scan down/up).
  • Improved sorting and filtering in the subscriptions drawer.
  • Better error messages for empty and not found feeds.

Stay tuned for more fun things in the near future.